Who we are...

Find out who we are, what we do and what is so special about us!

A little bit about us...

The mission of Red Star Education is to develop and advance levels of financial literacy for all. We strive to provide all our learners with an engaging learning experience using innovative teaching techniques, ensuring students have the confidence to take responsibility for their financial futures.

Whether we are talking to employees during our Wellbeing in the Workplace offering, young football scholars at professional academies or a group of 8 year old Brownies, we are confident that our sessions are a perfect fit. Why? Because we have constructed every session specifically with our learners in mind.

Red Star Education provides an outstanding solution in educating in the area of personal financial planning and understanding.

Adopting an approach of independence and integrity, Red Star Education is NOT providing financial advice nor are we soliciting for clients to sign up for advice or any financial products.

We provide up to date, relevant knowledge that learners can understand, apply and carry with them into all aspects of their lives.

We use a variety of different learning styles incorporating where appropriate group activities, hands on tasks and quizzes – all designed to bring the subject to life and give the best impact not just in the sessions but well into the future.

Research shows how important understanding money is – everything from social mobility to mental wellbeing is affected by one’s understanding of financial concepts and it is the passion of the Red Star Education team to give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn this vital subject.