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A little bit about us

The mission of Red Star Education is to develop and advance levels of financial literacy for all. We strive to provide learners with a consummate learning experience using innovative teaching techniques, ensuring students have the confidence to take responsibility for their financial futures

It is now established, in order to develop the very best in youth talent, a football club’s academy structure will include a range of educational themes to provide a holistic approach to the training and advancement of their young players.

This is where Red Star Education provides an outstanding solution in one vital area – that of personal financial planning.

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Who are we?

Red Star Education is the brain child of Kristen Durose, who is a qualified and practicing independent financial adviser and football fan.

Kristen recognised that the much publicised cases of financial misfortune involving footballers in a large number of cases might not have existed had the player in question been equipped with the knowledge, guidance and confidence to accept the responsibility for their own financial security and more, know exactly what to expect of advisers paid to assist them.

Research with players past and present and many professionals working with young academy players has confirmed she was right and that there is now an appetite to address this challenge.

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What we do?

The main course is delivered as 5 x 1 hour sessions over 2 seasons however we can tailor make courses to suit your requirements including 1:2:1 sessions for players who perhaps need individual attention for example if they have already been offered a professional contract or where English is not their first language.

All our materials can be translated into foreign languages however the content is based on the UK tax and financial services system.

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Case Studies

Take a look at some of the fantastic comments we have received from a selection of football clubs we have dealt with:

Newcastle United FC Sunderland FC West Bromwich Albion Stoke City FC Wigan Athletic Bolton Wanderers  FC Manchester City FC
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Our Latest Testimonials

The information is presented in a very interactive way which means that the players who are 17 and 18 years of age find it interesting, enjoyable and informative. The finance programme was first class
Stoke City Football Club
I have to say, out of all the development sessions we have provided for all our academy players, this one has been without doubt the best to date. This is the most I have seen the U23 players engaged in such development a session.
Bolton Wanderers Football Club
The players were engaged from the off, normally, the players aren’t fully receptive to sessions of this nature. I would highly recommend any club, at any level, to invite Red Star Education into their club.
Wigan Athletic Football Club
The scholars who have taken part have commented on how much they've enjoyed each session, in particular the interactive nature of various activities and the numerous quizzes.
Sunderland Football Club
The financial workshops that they have delivered have not only been educational, but have been engaging and as a result have made a genuine impact on the individuals at the club.
West Brom Football Club
All the teaching staff here at the academy feel the red star finance programme has been excellent.
Newcastle United Football Club
Lessons have been well planned, informative and entertaining. Students have been engaged and have offered only positive feedback.
Manchester City Football Club

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Red Star Education is located in Blackpool, right by the seaside! We are only a stones throw away from Blackpool and the M55, see our location map below to find out where you can come in and see us.. We look forward to seeing you soon.